Add Some Style To Your Smoking

With all of the hullabaloo about cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, etc., it’s easy for some people to forget that the world of smoking is much broader and older than a single delivery system. For pipe smokers, which have been around for centuries if not longer, the decision of what kind of accouterments to bring to the activity is not one that’s made lightly.

Wood or Glass?

One of the primary decisions that pipe smokers have to make is what kind of pipe they’re going to use. This choice is influenced by a lot of things, from personal taste to practicality, but generally the two most common types of pipe out there are wooden pipes and glass pipes. There are other options such as metal pipes, but they aren’t as common as the other two.

Wooden pipes, perhaps one of the oldest form of smoking accouterments, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be stumpy and practical, good for carrying around, or they can be long and intricately carved such as those seen in fantasy films and stories. Often wooden pipes are accentuated with gold or ivory hardware such as bowl caps or mouth pieces, but these are more expensive pipes that common smokers don’t have. While fancy wooden pipes do exist, they’re often delicate and expensive, which means they rarely leave the mantle.

On the other hand, glass pipes have risen to prominence because of the advances made in technology. What would once have been a sign of delicate craftsmanship and painstaking labor when glass had to be hand blown can now be mass-produced thanks to the glass-making industry. This makes glass pipes, on the whole, cheaper to purchase. Even more intricate glass pipes, which can match everything from the hefty, classic pipe smoked by Sherlock Holmes to the multi-hose hookas of Middle Eastern design, are possible at significantly lower prices because of how flexible glass is as a material. With pipes that can be colored, shaped and designed practically to the heart’s content, glass pipes such as the ones available at are often the approach taken by more fanciful, serious smokers.

Personal Preference

In the end, what style of pipe one smokes is a personal choice. It can reflect what they’re comfortable with, how they feel about their habit, or whether they prefer to smoke on the go, or just when they’re at home and relaxing after a long day’s work. However, for those who are seeking the perfect pipe, it’s often a good idea to try as many different varieties as possible. That way someone knows with authority which kind of pipe suits them best, and provides them with the best smoke.

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