Benefits Of Tempur Pedic

A good night’s sleep is essential to renew the body and revive the mind. Studies show that humans on the average need a minimum of 7 straight hours of sleep (8 or 9 is even better), to function at peak levels. After a few hours of going to sleep, a restful sleeper (one who does not continually toss and turn), is able to achieve REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. REM is the deep slumber stage where dreams occur, whether remembered or not, and is crucial to waking up with that well-rested feeling. Overall comfort and freedom from pain are two of the most important keys to getting a restful night of sleep. If the mattress is too soft or sags, is too hard, or has lumps and valleys, pressure points that cause pain are created and the body is unable to relax properly. If waking during the night, or waking up feeling sluggish and tired is a problem, there is an easy solution that does not require the purchase of a new bed or mattress set.

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA for use by astronauts in space. It was to be used to soften and cushion the seats in space ships during take-off. NASA ended up not using it, and a Swedish company took over the research and development, naming the product TempurPedic. The bedding industry recognizes tempurpedic mattress covers, mattresses and other memory foam products as some of the best ways to achieve a good night’s sleep.

The material has orthopedic benefits because it conforms to the sleeper’s shape, eliminating the build up of painful pressure points to allow for a good night’s sleep. With the absence of pain, tossing and turning is also eliminated. Memory foam is denser and can therefore specifically disperse accumulated pressure on the vertebrae. Chronic back pain sufferers report a significant decrease in pain after just a few nights of sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress cover or mattress. Sleepers in general benefit by having a place to rest that is not too hard to mold to body contours or too soft to support their body. For couples, one of the best benefits of the tempurpedic material is its ability to retain motion; when one spouse gets in or out of bed, the other will not be affected by their movements.

Every home needs a great place to sleep and products made from memory foam are a good choice to achieve a restful night of sleep. They can free the user from pain, tossing and turning, and frequent waking. The quality and comfort provided by a tempurpedic mattress cover is among the best available in the bedding industry.

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