Finish That Project

Now that the kids are back in school for the fall it’s time to pick up that project that you started during their last school year and give it another go! We know summer doesn’t allow for moms to have that much personal time, so now that everyone’s gone it’s your time again! Whether you […]

Fun Gifts For Your Employees


Buying gifts for employees can be somewhat of a challenge. First of all, you may not know all of their hobbies likes and dislikes. Additionally, a gift card to Starbucks is extremely impersonal, leaving the gift a little cheesy. So what are some good options for your employees? The following list will provide you with […]

Finding the Perfect Sewing Machine

Whether you are a novice or expert at sewing, finding the perfect sewing machine is vital to your creating your own clothes, accessories, curtains, embroidery or even an intricate quilt. Searching for the sewing machine to fit your needs is much easier than buying a car. For the beginner, spending more money does not mean […]

The Art of Shaving Safety Razor

For those beginning their journey into learning how to properly shave and groom their beards and mustaches, a shaving safety razor is a great tool to have. A safety razor is simply a razor which has two small guards on each side of the blade to protect the skin from any small cuts caused by […]

Unique Gifts for your Wife

Whether you’re looking to get something special for an Anniversary, a birthday or just because, sometimes finding a unique gift for your wife can be difficult. So, to help out with the search, here are a few ideas to get you started on that perfect gift. As a wife and mother, I’ve come to appreciate […]

5 Awesome Presents For Any Man

opening gift

Give a gift that means something to your male friend, like a travel shaving kit to keep his sensitive skin in good repair. A little consideration can go a long way when it comes to presents. And if your man is hard to shop for, then you will definitely need it. Here are five amazing […]