Finding Cute Modest Clothing

Normally, the first impression people have of you is always a lasting one. That is why you need to dress modestly. People will always associate you with something by virtue of the way you are dressed. For instance, you do not expect to impress an interviewing panel when you appear in faded jeans, dirty t-shirt and a pair of riding boots. Similarly, you cannot go walking around town in bikinis. They belong to the beach. No matter your dressing code you need to find some modest clothing that befits your status. Note that, “modest” here does not mean being always in a suit and tie. Below are some tips on modest dressing:

Make it a choice

With the current fashion trends, especially for women, it may be very difficult to find something modest. There is always that pressure from friends and peers to dress in a certain way. To a large extent, the fashion industry is driven by celebrities. Designers take it upon themselves to dress movie stars and music idols in certain ways in order to push their designs across. It is up to you to decide on your dressing standards. There are modest clothes that you can buy without looking old fashioned.

Shop modestly

Decide what’s modest for you and shop for it. Ask yourself what your spouse would say about your dresses and tops. Is your dress too short? Does it make you feel uncomfortable at the office? Are you exposing your thighs and shoulders too much? Do you feel like your clothes are clinging to the skin in an appropriate way? These and other concerns will lead you to figuring out the type of clothing you need to buy in order to feel modest. Take time to look for tops, dresses, trousers and sweaters that will bring out the image you are seeking for.

Use a mirror

The reflection you see in the mirror is how the world sees you. Whether you are going to work, heading for dinner, a movie or a night out you can still be modest. Pick your outfit for the day or evening and put it on. Stand in front of a mirror and see whether that is the impression you would like to convey. Try sitting and see how far your skirt rides up. Bend over and do a similar analysis. Remember, modesty is not about drawing attention to you for all the wrong reasons. It is about being decent, yet well dressed. Once you are pleased with your image, you can then step out to where it is that you are going.

Scarves and shawls

Invest in a number of scarves and/or shawls. Wear them on top of any top that has a low neckline. You will still have your favorite top on without necessarily exposing your shoulders.

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