Gifts for a Chef

So, you have to get a gift for your friend who by the way happens to be a chef? Not to panic. We`ve done some research for you and comprised a list of several ideas for the perfect gift. Following are some of the most fun and practical tools and products that your friend will most certainly appreciate and love you for them.

  • Fruit grinder.
    Chefs like to make their own food, that`s obvious enough, but with if they could make their own juice as well? They certainly can. With a solid fruit grinder they’ll be able to produce juice out of any soft fruit in an easy and convenient way.
  • Cupcake maker.
    It`s always fun to make cupcakes, and what about mini cupcakes? Well, there are some perfect products out there that will help your friend make the perfect ones on a more convenient and easier way. If she is a foodie than she`ll definitely be grateful for a gift like this.
  • Cake decoration set.
    Cakes will always require some top notch decorating and your chef friend will always be glad if you provide him with the tools that will make this task easier and more fun. A standard kit of this type would include some or all of the following: decorating bag and tips, flavorings, sprinkles, spatulas, booklets with decorating ideas and tips, gels and icings.
  • Spice sets.
    There is no doubt that a great deal of the magic is in the spices. Surprise your friend with a set of different spices ranging from the most common ones like paprika, oregano, cinnamon, curry, rosemary etc., to the more exotic ones from various overseas cuisines, and he`ll put them in good use for sure.
  • Professional knife set.
    A set of the right knives will surely make your friend`s day and more than that, it will kept her in great shape in the kitchen. A standard set will contain a vegetable knife, carving knife, a cleaver, a paring knife for the vegetables and a chef`s knife used for dicing and chopping. A great addition to a set like this will be a knife care kit which contains sharpeners, rust preventing solution, polishing cloths and lubricants for the mobile parts of the knives and cutting tools in the set. If you want to go even further with your gift, throw in a pair of kitchen scissors as they can be pretty handy for a cook in many occasions.
  • Tortilla makers.
    Is your friend into Mexican food? If the answer is yes he will probably adore you after you get him one of these. There are various types out there and you can choose according to your budget, but make sure you check for customer reviews and experiences first.

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