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Hard water spots can be almost impossible to remove. There are many products out on store shelves that promise to remove them. However, after trying a few of them it is clear those are only empty promises. After spraying and scrubbing, the water spots remain. That is, until the introduction of Ducky Products. Ducky has found the solution to water spots on marine, auto, motorcycle, ATV, and household items. Choosing the right product from Ducky will eliminate those pesky water spots for good.

For boats, cars, and motorcycles, the Ducky Original Water Spot Removal effectively eliminates water spots that can cause damage over time. This non-toxic, biodegradable solution comes in a spray that easily wipes off. For best results this product should be used as soon as possible to remove the water spots. Another Ducky product to consider, Water Spot Plus also does not only remove water spots, but also gives a high gloss wax and UV protective finish.

Water spots that have had time to set in will require a more aggressive method. Boats that have been at dock for the summer, or any surface that has built up mineral deposits over time may seem impossible to remove. However, the Ducky Extreme Waterspot Gel can bring any surface its optimal shine. It is a strong solution that unbinds tough mineral deposits from glass, chrome, stainless steel, and painted surfaces. The toughest water spot deposits disappear with a thorough scrubbing using Ducky Extreme Waterspot Gel and with rinsing well afterwards. Following the water spot removal, one of Ducky’s wax or polish products is recommended to bring out the shine and protect metal or painted surfaces.

Glass and chrome surfaces can be extremely difficult to clean. While being exposed to mineral deposits, calcium deposits, rust, tree sap, soap film, and mildew, the toughest of cleaners have a hard time removing all of these stains. The Ducky Waterspot Remover for Glass is made specifically for glass and chrome. This professional grade is in an easy to use spray that simply wipes off. It leaves the surface free of all deposits, restoring it to a clear shine.

Hard water spots disappear with with Ducky Products. Their full line of products include not only their water spot removers, polishes, and waxes. They also include a full line of cleaners for optimal clean and shine. Most of the products also come in gallon refills. This is great for commercial businesses as well as anyone desiring to take pride in their boat, car, or motorcycle by keeping it looking its best.

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