How To Make Your Dog’s Collar

Collars are an important accessory to have for a dog. Without one, an owner could not use a leash or hang tags to identify their dog. Collars should be sturdy, but they can also be personalized and fun when they are handmade. Grosgrain ribbon is a popular material used for making dog collars and comes in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. With some basic sewing skills almost anyone can make a cute and fashionable collar for their furry friend.

There are just a few materials needed. Pick up nylon webbing in any color and
grosgrain ribbon of your choice. Be sure that the ribbon is a smaller width than the nylon webbing. Clip buckle and a coordinating thread will also be needed.

1. Measure your dog’s neck, adding an additional 6-inches in length. That is the length that needs to be cut from the grosgrain ribbon and nylon webbing.

2. Heat-seal the ends of the nylon webbing to keep the ends from fraying. Light a candle and carefully place the webbing over it. Be sure to not get too close or you will run the risk of the webbing catching fire. Keep the webbing near the flame only as long as it takes to melt the nylon. As it melts, take the nylon away from the flame.

3. Place the grosgrain ribbon over the nylon webbing. With both pieces right side up, sew the two pieces together with your coordinating ribbon. Seal up all sides so the ribbon is completely sewn to the nylon webbing.

4. The clip buckle has a male and female end. Take the buckle apart and place 3- inches of the just-sewn piece of nylon through the loop of the male end. Fold the material against itself and sew in place to secure that end of the collar.

5. Slip the other end of the nylon webbing into the female end of the buckle, drawing the other extra 3-inches of material through the loop. Before sewing in place, double check your measurements to make sure the length is not too long or too short for your dog’s neck. If necessary, make an adjustment to shorten or lengthen the amount you pull through the loop. Fold the material against itself and sew in place.

Other Design Ideas
To make your dog collar more interesting, sew on colorful buttons, sew in your dog’s name or use multiple layers of grosgrain ribbon to give the collar an even more stylish look. For any additions that are made to the collar, just be sure that they are securely attached and safe for the dog.

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