Importance of Barcode Labels

barcodeIn todays day and age barcodes are a part of our everyday life’s, they seem so minimal and unimportant but there is a process that makes it more important than most people realize.

The process starts at the manufacturer warehouse where everything is made, they use barcodes to mark the parts that go into the whole product. The reason behind marking parts with barcodes is so if anything ever breaks on your product all you have to do is tell them the barcode number so they can look up the exact part and send it out for repairs.

After the product is built it is then packaged up and the box is marked with a barcode, once the box is sealed it is then placed on a pallet and built up with other products then wrapped up, a barcode is then printed out and placed on the pallet, this is so the next warehouse can scan it and get an instant read on the product inside, when scanned this will show the quantity of packages on the pallet, give a weight and a date manufactured.

It is then shipped out to the storage warehouse, once there the pallets barcode is scanned and put into a location until it is ordered by the stores and shipped out again. The stores will request a certain amount of product be shipped out, the storage warehouse will pull the product from location take the number of cases ordered off and put on to new pallet for shipping, the pallet will be scanned so inventory can be updated while the other pallet gets a new barcode tag for the stores to scan in.

After it arrives at the store the product is scanned in to update the stores inventory, the product is pulled from the pallet as needed to restock the shelf’s. The packages barcode will be scanned and updated with a purchase price, the consumer will then take the product and if not sure of price is able to take it to a price check station where the barcode is scanned showing description and actual price of product. Once consumer is satisfied with product price the can take it to check out station where barcode is once again scanned to give price and description, the consumer then pays and leaves.

With new technology there is advantage ID barcodes give the consumer they are now able to scan barcodes with a smartphone giving them instant details about the product or some apps allow for a better price search, with the growing technology the advantage ID barcodes gives is limitless.

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