Oh What to Get Your Teenage Daughter as a Present

Oh What to Get Your Teenage Daughter as a PresentIt can be quite a task to determine what to buy your teenage daughter as a gift. Rather than give her the same old purse, consider a unique gift from Ava’s Attic. There are even more gift options that is sure to please your young lady!

You might think it is boring but you cannot go wrong with a gift card. A movie gift card is another great choice because most teenagers love to go to the movies. It also gives her a reason to plan an outing with her friends.

Most teenage girls love having pretty nails so you could present your girl with an opportunity to have a professional manicure. If this will be her first time getting this procedure professionally done, she will love the huge selection of colors that the technician offers. If your daughter likes having nice fingernails but she is more “hands-on,” she might enjoy Ciate’Nail Lab available from Sephora. This is the ultimate in nail kits and includes items to create a look for her nails that will give her a professional nail salon look. The kit includes manicure basics but also some fun stiff like an ombre sponge, a tool that creates dots for a nail, recipes to create nail glitter and a contemporary variety of nail polishes.

If you live near a theater which offers live theater, you should consider buying the both of you tickets to catch a performance of a Broadway show. If she is a music fan she might enjoy seeing a musical and this will be a great way to introduce her to the experience of seeing live theater. “Phantom of the Opera” and “Jersey Boys” is extremely popular shows today.

Using only two AA batteries your daughter may enjoy an adorable string of gummy bear lights (resembles the cute colorful candy). These cute rubbery light up bears measure about seven inches in length by three inches high. While these do not provide great light for an entire room they do give off a decent amount of light for an area in a room. Even when these are not lit they look adorable but it can be hard to remember not to eat!

You usually cannot go wrong when you give a teenage girl some yummy lotions, scents or lip glosses. The Body Shop or Bath and Body Works create some delicious scents and they always have new products that deliver the scents of flowers or fruits.

If your teen girl loves to read why not present her with classics such as some Jane Austen classics like Emma, Sense and Sensibility and Price and Prejudice. These are available digitally or in the traditional book format.

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