Safety Razors

Safety razors were invented during the 1880s by Jean-Jacques Peret. However, in the year 1895, King Camp Gillette came up with the idea of the first disposable safety razor. Ever since that time, safety razors have become better and better. The question is, how does a person properly use a safety razor?

Here are some tips and tricks for properly using a safety razor:

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure: Applying too much pressure can result in razor burn. Plus, the safety razor was designed to be heavy, so there is no need for using too much pressure.

Consider The Shaving Strokes Carefully: Different beards will require using different strokes. For a thicker and more coarse beard, people would want to apply quicker strokes. This ensures the most effective shave.

Practice To Perfection: It is important not to expect to be a professional the first time using the safety razor. People must practice if they expect to get any better using the safety razor. It becomes much easier after a few shaves.

Buy Cheap Get Cheap: People who purchase a safety razor should consider higher quality blades like The Art Of Shaving Safety Razor. Cheaper safety razors are no fun to use because oftentimes, they will pull the facial hair. The quality in material is also lower, and as a result, the material breaks down faster than with a high quality razor.

Don’t Rush: Some men like to rush when they shave because they want to be done. Good shaves require time, and this will also ensure the best shave possible. Speeding through shaving can result in cuts and a poorly trimmed beard, so taking time is vital.

Change Razor Blade Often: Razor blades become dull quickly, and this is why it is crucial to either replace the razor blade or sharpen it. Otherwise, people will experience the razor pulling their hair, and it is a good sign that the razor has become dull and needs replacement. Otherwise, it will be difficult to enjoy shaving.

Keep The Face Warm: A person who keeps their face hot with warm water will enjoy shaving more. The fact is, warm water helps reduce the friction so that there is an easier shave.

Go Over Multiple Times: For the best experience, it is essential to go over the beard multiple times. People will find that the result is a better looking, more satisfying shave.

The safety razor was intended for beard reduction. It was not intended to be used for a clean-cut shave. People should also cut with the hairs instead of against them. Cutting against the grain can result in ingrown hairs as well as razor blade cuts. When used properly, the safety razor can be a great tool for shaving.

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