Tips for Furnishing an Office on a Budget

If you need to furnish an office on a budget, feel free to follow some of these tips to ensure that it looks great and doesn’t cost much for you!

First of all, you can canvas the area. Get large canvases and paint them different colors to brighten up large empty walls.

Second, if you are needing a bookshelf or side table, consider stacking modular storage units together to create something fun and usable. You can put books inside the cubicles are create fun little still life visuals.

A third way to furnish an office on a budget includes putting different colored and sized plates on the wall for a design. Look for plates that are in the same color family, and that are different sizes or even textures to create a fun and low cost design look. These are easy to hand on picture nails. If you are really daring you can create your own art! Create something that is uniquely you or follows your business model and have fun with it. If you are wanting to hang some of your own pictures, pick a theme such as your family or possibly vacations you’ve been on. The make all the photos the same size, and frame them in identical frames. Then, either place in a long row or two shorter rows. This can create a great personalized look for an office.

These are some great ideas for decorating your office on a budget, but what about furniture? If you are trying to stick to a designated budget perhaps consider looking into office furniture Las Vegas for some good deals. They have a wide array of furniture including desks, cubicles and chairs that are new, used, or even refurbished. Their refurbished pieces go through extensive work, to make them look great and as if they were brand new themselves. They typically get their inventory from local businesses going through liquidation. Since they purchase in large quantity, their cost is low, so they also turn around and keep the cost low when they sell it off as well. They started off selling office cubicles so that is where their expertise lies. This is a great way to furnish an office on a budget because everyone is out in the open floor space rather than creating and building a personal office for each employee.

I know I have gotten some desks and chairs from used office furniture stores and they worked great for only a fraction of the cost. I got a top of the line chair that normally retailed for about $1200 for only about $350! Depending on how many employees you have you may need a lot of furniture, so this is a great way to go in order to make sure everyone is outfitted according to their needs. Make sure you get desks that are functional, and chairs that are comfortable if you are wanting your employees to sit at their desk for extended periods of time. So whatever your budget, you can rest assured that you can furnish your office on a budget and have it still look great!

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