What Does A Vapor Genie Do?

If you are trying to save your lungs a little bit of the tar and additives common to cigarettes and loose tobacco from inhalation, then vapor based products might help you out here. One of the most popular new products on the market right now would be the Vapor Genie. Through this article, you will be introduced to exactly what one of these devices can do and the kind of options that you have in terms of purchasing them.

Primarily the options that you have to choose from when it comes to the stock of these Genies would be a style that looks very similar to the traditional pipe. Due to their unique design and functionality, they are able to keep most of the pipes looking similar to what users are more accustomed to smoking from. This has made the transition into using vaporizers a little bit easier for many smokers.

So what does the Genie itself actually do? Well instead of all of the additives and harsh chemicals common to the cigarette, and often still found in the smoke of it, this device removes nearly all of the harm in smoking. While nicotine itself is still not ideal for your body because it constricts blood vessels, it in itself is rarely if ever the cause of debilitating conditions associated with smoking.

The Genie takes a loosely packed bowl of tobacco and heats it between 225 and 375 degrees. Here it is hot enough to be drawn in as a vapor. This will leave behind little to no residue and carcinogens often contained within a drag from a cigarette. This is a combination between the ceramic filter, the use of a lighter, and the cool air also being pulled in. This heats the aromatherapy blend or tobacco mix to the vaporizing temperatures, and becomes ready to be inhaled as a vaporous draw.

There are several options for these vaporizers that can be found at the official website for the product. These vary in composition, ranging from different woods to glass and metal. It really all depends on the style that you are looking for, and the kind of pipe that you are normally accustomed to using.

In addition to the numerous pipe options, you will find an assortment of necessary accessories to help you get the most our of your new device. Two of these accessories commonly purchased would be the specialized lighters that work best with the use of the Vapor Genies and also grinders to help make the blend that you put into the bowl of the pipe heat up more evenly and efficiently.

This is just an introduction to what these devices are and what they can do for you as a pipe smoker. If you are interested in vaporizers, this one is quickly becoming a popular option for its inexpensive approach and effective delivery system.

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